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The sixth floor conference room at the City Heights Center was redolent of falafel and baklava and Indian flatbread Wednesday evening, as well as abuzz with chatter -- listen closely.

Homing in on the conversation of Mohammad Khajehpour, you would have heard, in cautious but steady English, this: "I would like to get into the workforce. I had to leave Iran to save my son from arrest because he converted to Christianity. I am a chemist."

Or this from Zina Jassim: "I am an architect, but I will take any entry-level job."

Or this: "I was a victim of the U.N. bombing in Baghdad. I was working as a communications engineer. I woke up five days later in a hospital in Germany."

Ibrahim Matee still bears the scar from the wound inflicted on the day he was whisked from Iraq to Germany to save his life, never to return to his country. It runs from the back of his neck, along his left jaw line to the front of his chin, and evokes, he said, final memories of the torn country he left behind.

Have you joined the recertification networking site yet? Here you can meet others who are working to build professional pathways for newcomers. Feel free to invite interested foreign-trained professionals and colleagues to join this exciting new platform.

RefugeeWorks has also compiled new resource materials in a special section with a focus on recertification, and created a Fact Sheet for Refugees with Skilled and Professional Backgrounds.

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I support the IRC because I believe everyone should have an opportunity to seek a better future for themselves. My family had that opportunity and I’m so very grateful for it.Rami Malek Actor and IRC Ambassador

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